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To improve your production processes Tila Kompozit can provide you custom tailored training programs with expert trainers & consultants.

Tila Kompozit is targeting to improve your yields and transition to new production methodologies to boost your business.

For more information for our training services please contact with us.


To increase the competitiveness of your organization with new materials, technologies and production methods, Tila Kompozit will act as a strategic business partner.

As composite technology rapidly developing, staff of experienced consultants makes Tila Kompozit, your perfect partner for your bright future.



  • Reinforcements
  • Alkali Resistant glass fibers for cement applications (Cem-FIL® soluitons)
  • Basalt fiber reinforcements
  • Carbon fiber reinforcements
  • Gypsum Board Reinforcements
  • Glass fiber mesh
  • Glass yarns for mesh production
  • Composite materials


  • Glass fiber solutions
  • Twintex ™ solutions
  • Silentex ™ solutions
  • OCV Nonwoven™ solutions
  • Auto care products
  • Aluminized glass fibers
  • Auto waxes


  • Hydroquinon photographic grade
  • Pumice


  • Unsaturated Polyester Resins
  • Vinylester Resins
  • Epoxy Resins
  • Phenolic Resins
  • Gelcoats
  • Pigment Pastes
  • Mould Release wax
  • Water based mould release agents
  • Application equipments (Brush, Rollers, Mixing – Measuring Cups, Scissors, Spray Guns etc.)
  • C Glass fiber reinforcement (E Glass, ECR Glass, S Glass, R Glass)
  • Closed Mould Reinforcements (Multicore™, Uniconform™, TF Core, 3D Core)
  • Flo-Thene UF ™ fine powder polyethylene
  • Glass Fiber Surface Veils
  • VOC free cleaners
  • Mould silicones
  • Preform glassfibers
  • MEK Peroxides & Accelerators
  • Glass fiber spray adhesive for epoxy applications


  • Chopped Strands for engineered plastics
  • Rovings for engineered plastics
  • FDA Approved Chopped Strands for engineered plastics
  • Twintex ™ Solutions