About Us

Tila Kompozit Temsilcilik Ic ve Dis Tic. Ltd. Sti. has been established in Istanbul, Turkey in order to be your “strategic partner” for composite materials and derivatives. Our company serves to an international client base with three main principles: material expertise, product diversity and continuity of supply.

As a value added business partner, Tila Kompozit, provides training and consultancy services and strengthens them with distribution of various types of composite raw materials.

Tila Kompozit has extensive on-site and off-site training programs for manufacturing management and production process improvements.

With its experienced consultant team, Tila Kompozit is empowering its strategic partners with new materials, technologies and best production practices. For this purpose Tila Kompozit is cooperating with educational institutes, R&D facilities and manufacturers from all over the globe.

Tila Kompozit has also its own brand of products under Tila TF99 name besides all its distributorships to cover all your needs for the production of the most advanced composite parts.

Turkey’s one and only end user dedicated B2C web site has also been established by Tila Kompozit under the brand name Polyesterciyiz.biz.